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There is a huge amount of money that lies in crypto, still waiting to find proper use cases. People want to use their crypto money in the e-commerce and consumer goods industry, to buy products and there are solutions offering crypto payments – but that money stays in crypto, creating a not-so-great situation for merchants due to market volatility, making merchants reluctant to adopt crypto payments.
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Content creators in the growing creator’s economy struggle to build and monetize their communities effectively.
There is no simple way for online creators to track and reward early supporters. Early supporters don’t get the credit they deserve. It is difficult to reward supporters.
Flur makes it easy for creators to turn content into collectible moments and sell editions at low unit costs (eg. 1k NFTs for $1 each).
Patreon-like platform tailored to the content creator needs, powered by NFTs.

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Two-sided marketplace where anyone can get group discounts in any industry. Marketplace where buyers join groups anonymously to buy products for lower prices.
Sellers lower their prices when selling to large groups. By creating groups and offering group pricing in tiers, buyers are incentivized to share the products and buy with others, which lowers CAC for sellers.
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Stealth mode

Web3 gallery for physical art.
Digital companion token that adds utility to a piece of physical art, designed to be completely valueless on its own and is completely free for the user.
It lets you display physical artwork proudly alongside your virtual art collection, whilst also offering a space to verify ownership, prove and trace provenance and providing a rich history of an artwork.
Blockchain based digital art gallery for traditional arts, that allows galleries and artists to add events and sign them to prove provenance and provide traceability as pieces change hands, powered by NFTs.
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ERC20 Utility token and marketplace for purchasing digital offers.
Genesis token holders are rewarded with tokens based on how long they hold it.
This In-game currency can be used only within the project’s custom-created marketplace to purchase digital offers.
The digital offers can be anything like: a spot in the next mint of upcoming project, tickets to live events, participation in lotteries / raffles, physical item claims, etc.
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Students face challenges in managing their time and tasks effectively. Students often overestimate the study time they have and underestimate the time they need to get things done, leading to late starts, missed deadlines, stress, and anxietyFurthermore, traditional planning tools like paper planners and spreadsheets were inadequate and inflexible, creating the need for a more comprehensive and flexible solution