How does success look like for your vision?How does success look like for your vision?

E-Commerce Marketplace for group discounts.

We build products,
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Product Development
Solution Architecture
Web Development
Backend Development
Three-sided Marketplace (Buyer / Seller / Admin)
Product Launch and Support
E-Commerce, Marketplaces, Retail, Escrow
6 months
Team size
CTO + 3 developers
Marketplace storefront web application with backend system, including dashboards for sellers and buyers.
Admin dashboard
Tech Stack
Next.js, Hasura GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Stripe Connect, Shopify API, SST, AWS (Lambda, API Gateway, Cognito,S3, SES, RDS, Cloudfront), Google FCM, TalkJs, TaxJar, OctobatAPI

The vision

Global marketplace where anyone can get group discounts in any industry. Marketplace where buyers join groups anonymously to buy products for lower prices.

Sellers lower their prices when selling to large groups.
By creating groups and offering group pricing in tiers, buyers are incentivized to share the products and buy with others, which lowers CAC for sellers.

The orders are placed if the minimum group size is reached by the deadline to join.

Our job

To build e-commerce marketplace there were several key things that need to be solved:

- User-friendly interface with search and filtering options that allows buyers to easily find products they are looking for.
- Payment processing that supports authorization and charges when group is fulfilled. Integrating Stripe Connect with Express accounts to KYC and onboard
merchants and custom payout mechanism.
- Integration with tax calculation and shipping calculation APIs.
- Create and list product groups, similar to Meetup’s with basic information, photos, product variants, nested product categories, group pricing tiers with templates,
- Shipping options with processing time, group renewal options and many more.
- Checkout page with secure payment, shipping address options.
- Order management to allow order managing, tracking shipment and fulfillment, handling returns, managing inventory.
- In-app messaging and notifications for both sellers and buyers.
- Share and save functionality that creates images with custom affiliate links to promote your group as sellers. It allows color customization to match your brand and share on social media or copy the link.
- Product analytics and insights along with the seller dashboard.
- Buy now functionality, ratings, and product review system.
- Import multiple products from Shopify via CSV with images and variants and prices included.


Built and launched a full-blown marketplace in 6 months taking the clickable prototype and clear descriptions of what everything does into reality.
Product analytics and metrics were setup to monitor product adoption.
We built an admin dashboard to automate approval/request changes of newly onboarded business and created product groups.
Shopify integration to create our own storewhich was automatically listing and fulfilling products utilizing Dropshipping API under the hood.

What made you happiestworking with us?

"Their understanding of the product. I've worked with many developers, but this team is very curious beyond just how the app will work. They want to know what its purpose is, what the value is, etc., and then they will use that information to serve you new feature ideas or give their input into how the application should be designed."

Collin S.

Co-founder & CEO of AnyoneGroup

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An image of Maneki Neko that is believed to bring good luck and fortune in Japanese culture. It is symbolically there to help with the project’s luck combined with our technical expertise.An image of Maneki Neko that is believed to bring good luck and fortune in Japanese culture. It is symbolically there to help with the project’s luck combined with our technical expertise.

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