How does success look like for your vision?How does success look like for your vision?

Patreon-like platform tailored to the content creator needs, powered by NFTs.

Lean MVP in weeks rather than months.

Product development
Web 3.0 Development
Backend Development
Smart Contract Development
Product Launch & Support
Creator economy, NFTs, Web3
Iteration 1 - 3 weeks
Iteration 2 - 5 weeks
Team size
2 developers, 1 delivery manager
Web application;
Smart contract with backend system
Tech Stack
Typescript, Solidity, Next.js, Node.js, Prisma, Moralis, Postgres, Alchemy, AWS

The vision

Content creators in the growing creator’s economy struggle to build and monetize their communities effectively.
There is no simple way for online creators to track and reward early supporters. Early supporters don’t get the credit they deserve. It is difficult to reward supporters.

Flur makes it easy for creators to turn content into collectible moments and sell editions at low unit costs (eg. 1k NFTs for $1 each). Patreon-like platform tailored to the content creator needs, powered by NFTs.

It combines NFTs with a simple and intuitive platform to enable creators to build, monetize and reward loyal online communities.

Vision is far more than just NFTs - it’s the future of CRM.

It helps easily build an on-chain audience with NFT badges.

How does it work?

- Make it easy for creators to turn content into collectible moments and sell editions at low unit costs (eg. 1k NFTs for $1 each)

Know your community
- Get granular data about your supporters based on when they collected and how many of your collectibles they own

Lifetime value/ Premium content
- Add value for your community based on the audience data. Use Flur tools to gate premium content, services and experiences.

Our job

Our long-term partner approached us with an idea for a new product. Given the fact that we have already launched several products with him, it was an easy process to understand each other and figure out the details.

We joint venture with him and the idea was to build and launch a product fast, with iterations no more than a few weeks, which ended up having completely different products in a matter of weeks.

Iteration 1 - in 3 weeks with 2 developers and delivery manager

The first product vision was to reduce friction when it comes to onboarding Web2 users to Web3 and to allow them to claim digital collectibles (NFTs) through familiar user experience -  via Twitter’s retweet mechanism.
This simple protocol allowed us to easily onboard Web2 users through claim mechanism, without crypto wallets, gas fees and crypto related concepts.

Simple claim link for online interaction such as: “first 100 youtube views” - would behind the scenes mint NFT for the user and connect it to their Twitter account.
Users were then able to transfer the NFT to their wallets once they decided.

A creator could join the platform via invitation. For each creator, a separate NFT collection on Polygon was created. The idea was to allow content creator to edit and own their collection on secondary markets such as OpenSea, Rarible etc. and to utilize existing platform metrics and tools for the audience.

Soon after launch, we gathered feedback and reiterated into a version that had business model suitable for both creators and the platform.
The decision was to focus on true fans rather than random or any supporter.

Iteration 2 - in 5 weeks with 2 developers and delivery manager

Besides the issue of anyone being able to claim, supporting the creator or not, the other issue was recent Twitter API pricing change, which made retweeting not a sustainable option.
In order to adapt to these changes, the tweet//retweet mechanism for launch and claim was removed. 

Instead, launching was done without tweeting and creators were responsible for sharing the claim link with their community using any channel they want. 
When a user wanted to claim a collectible, they were required to connect a wallet and donate some amount of cryptocurrency to the creator. 

For each dollar of crypto user donates, they would receive an NFT directly to their wallet. 
Supported currencies were ETH on Ethereum and DUST, wETH, MATIC and USDC on Polygon.
In the future the idea is to integrate Solana and credit card payment. Card payments would allow non-web3 users to easily donate and get NFTs easily.

User flow, logic and design was upgraded and changed. Our unique development approach and flexibility allowed us to overcome these successfully.

Current version

The current version helps creators by providing them with the platform to track and reward their supporters by launching collectibles on Flur, which can be claimed by supporting the creator with crypto donations.

Creators set up their Flur account in a few clicks by signing in with Twitter, after which they can launch collectibles by setting up collectible details (image, name, description) and sharing a claim link with their community. 

The launched collectible lasts for 24 hours with unlimited supply and supporters get one NFT for every $1 worth of crypto they donate.
To donate, a user needs to visit claim link, choose a blockchain network (Ethereum or Polygon), pick a currency (ETH, MATIC, DUST and USDC on Polygon or ETH on Ethereum) and define the donation amount. 
Once transaction gets executed on the blockchain, they will automatically receive NFTs.

Supporters can sign in with Twitter to see all claimed collectibles, or can simply go to any NFT marketplace and see them there.

There is also a configurable platform fee on each donation, which is set to 10%.


Both MVPs built and launched within 8 weeks, along with the backend system and upgradable smart contracts with a team of 2 developers and delivery manager.

Creators’ onboarding can be done within minutes using custom-developed invitation codes and simple sign-up process with Twitter API integration.
We built a simple way for people to support their favorite creators and get rewarded, and at the same time we promote cryptocurrency donations as a way of supporting content creators. 
By using blockchain and NFT technologies we also decouple supporters from platforms where creators publish their content.
The heartbeat of Flur’s blockchain infrastructure is the Collection Factory contract which deploys a new Collection contract whenever a creator joins Flur, so each of them have their own collection with custom name, image and description. Collections follow the ERC1155 standard meaning collectibles can be easily traded on any NFT marketplace.

What made you happiestworking with us?

"I've worked with a lot of people who can follow a scope of work but not improvise. Bushido is different. Bushido has so much collective knowledge that they can anticipate challenges I can't see, integrate them from before any code is written, and ultimately save time and money."

Jacob. S.

CEO of

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An image of Maneki Neko that is believed to bring good luck and fortune in Japanese culture. It is symbolically there to help with the project’s luck combined with our technical expertise.An image of Maneki Neko that is believed to bring good luck and fortune in Japanese culture. It is symbolically there to help with the project’s luck combined with our technical expertise.

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